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Founded in 2020, COMPLEX SYSTEMS SOCIETY France is a scientific society dedicated to research and education on complex systems. It operates as an independent, nonprofit association. Complex systems are the expressions of life, from cells to societies. These systems include cities, economies, civilizations, the nervous system, the Internet, and ecosystems. We aim to support scientists in tackling emerging questions between traditional academic disciplines.


Dedicated to Complex Systems understanding from cells to societies.







Spanning across borders, departments, and disciplines, we unite brilliant minds soaked in rigorous logical, mathematical, and computational reasoning.
Their mission is to expose the hidden mechanisms and processes that influence the development of these dynamic worlds. The ultimate goal is to use this knowledge to tackle societal challenges enhancing the welfare of humanity and all living beings on our planet.

Laboratory Scientist


Drive global innovation through broad collaboration and knowledge sharing: We believe innovation is fostered through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our global research network of scholars spans borders, departments, and disciplines, uniting curious minds steeped in rigorous logical, mathematical, and computational reasoning. By working together, we can tackle complex challenges that no one individual or group can solve alone.

Enhance public understanding of societal challenges: We recognize the importance of engaging with the public and policymakers to enhance the knowledge of our societal challenges. By making our research accessible and engaging, we hope to inspire curiosity, understanding, and informed decision-making. We believe fostering a scientific literacy culture is vital to promote evidence-based policymaking and solving global challenges.

Building communities that expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity: We strive to build communities that develop knowledge for the benefit of humankind. By bringing together diverse groups of scholars and practitioners, we can accelerate the pace of discovery, foster innovation, and enhance our understanding of complex systems. Our ultimate goal is to use this knowledge to improve the lives of people around the world.

Fostering innovation and excellence in Science and Education: We believe that fostering innovation and excellence in science and education is critical to solving humanity's challenges. We support developing interdisciplinary research programs that bring together experts from different fields to tackle complex problems. We also promote the highest standards of scientific integrity and excellence in education, helping to train the next generation of researchers and leaders. By nurturing a culture of innovation and excellence, we believe that we can make a lasting impact on society.

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